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At RL Core Technologies, we want a better future for everyone.

We have a long history of solving hard problems with AI. Now we are using that expertise to solve the first of many difficult problems--improving water treatment efficiency, reducing cost, and lowering energy usage.

"Access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene is the most basic human need for health and well-being. Billions of people will lack access to these basic services in 2030 unless progress quadruples. Demand for water is rising owing to rapid population growth, urbanization and increasing water needs from agriculture, industry, and energy sectors.

The demand for water has outpaced population growth, and half the world’s population is already experiencing severe water scarcity at least one month a year. Water scarcity is projected to increase with the rise of global temperatures as a result of climate change.

Investments in infrastructure and sanitation facilities; protection and restoration of water- related ecosystems; and hygiene education are among the steps necessary to ensure universal access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030, and improving water-use efficiency is one key to reducing water stress."

UN Sustainable Development Goals #6

Precision Control Cores

We harness the power of the world's most advanced AI to optimize industrial processes, ensuring your operations run with unparalleled precision and productivity.

Continual, Online Learning

Our approach uses reinforcement learning-- adaptive, intelligent systems that constantly learn in real time, delivering optimized results and powerful analysis without intervention.

Sustainable Solutions

RL Core is committed to sustainability. Our technology helps minimize environmental impact by minimizing resource usage and reducing energy consumption.

Taking Reinforcement Learning From the Lab to the Rest of the World... For Good

RL Core Working with Amii to automate modular drinking water treatment

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